Practical & Effective Quantitative Risk Management

Mnementh Analytics, LLC provides model development, data analysis, model validation, technical writing, and model risk management services to some of the nation's largest financial services institutions.  We deliver value to clients through a committed focus to finding practical solutions to complex business problems.

Statistical & Risk Consulting Services

  • Development of methodological approaches and design of modeling frameworks
  • Statistical programming
  • Program design, policy development, implementation, and staffing
  • Design and implementation of risk model in production
  • Assessment model development program
  • Remediation of quantitative model related issues
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Quantitative Model Development

  • 9-phase model development process
  • Process & business driven modeling approach
  • Subject matter expert integration
  • High-quality presentation, documentation, and white paper
  • Communication throughout model development process


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Model Risk Management

  • Complete validation services consistent with SR 11-7
  • Process focus on model conceptual soundness, ongoing monitoring of model performance and comparison with benchmark models, and outcomes analysis
  • Reporting of key findings with recommendations for identified issue severity


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